Essydo is an independent magazine that focuses on political and broader societal analysis from a technocratic point of view. Generally, contemporary discourse is reduced to two broad paradigms (liberal and conservative), which are used to process and reproduce information. In the light of the increasing complexity of our world, the limited use of our cognitive assessment tools seem to be counter-intuitive trend. Essydo’s analyses and commentaries are neither left-wing, nor right-wing, neither authoritarian, nor libertarian; the aim is to provide functional insights into the topic at hand. Accordingly, there is a heavy emphasis on detecting utility-maximisation and understanding why different actors or groups have conflicting views or pursue different courses of action. Essydo’s articles go beyond opinions and binary positioning. Rather the mission is to equip the reader with better tools for assessing the complex phenomena of our world.

We make contact with various news sources on a daily basis and all media channels filter the information they provide us with, including Essydo. However, we believe that subjectivity is not a bad thing per se; it is the unconsciousness (of reader and publisher alike) around subjectivity that paves the way for ignorance and conflict. Accordingly, we are keen to reflect on why actors think and act in certain ways, including ourselves; we call it ‘Neutral Subjectivity’. We advise our readers to engage with our articles actively by asking: ‘Why do the actors (in the article) behave in the way they do? Why did Essydo assessed their behaviour in the way it did? Why do I feel about the content of this article the way I do?’

With this guide at hand, we hope to provide you a great and insightful reading experience!

Latest Stories

A Madman’s Dream

On 24 February 2022, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has declared war on Ukraine. After weeks of intense arms build-up at the Russo-Ukrainian borderlands, several threats and diplomatic pressures, the Eurasian nation has launched a large-scale operation in Ukraine. Although there has been an imminent diplomatic escalation between the two parties, the … Continue reading A Madman’s Dream

World Citizen or Nationalist?

So far, the dominant theme of societal development in the late 20th and early 21st century is the emergence, acceleration and consolidation of globalisation. With societies, economies and political systems becoming closer and closer and partly even merging, naturally we began to fundamentally rethink our perception of the world and our roles we play within … Continue reading World Citizen or Nationalist?

Sex and Civilisations

The world has seen many civilisations rise and even more civilisations vanish. From ruling vast territories, advancing scientifically and adding to what we call art and culture, they went on to become merely footnotes of history. Though we might not always appreciate it, their legacies remain, to this day, the building blocks of present and … Continue reading Sex and Civilisations

The Demise of Social Identities in the Age of Corporatocracies and New Media

To what extent are our personalities and lifestyles original and authentic in the age of corporatocracy, in which the new media ecosystem constitutes the very back-bone of it? The term ‘new media’ initially emerged to capture a sense that quite rapidly from the late 1980s on the media and world of communications began to look … Continue reading The Demise of Social Identities in the Age of Corporatocracies and New Media

The Afghanistan Situation

As an Essydo Magazine reader, you are surely aware of the currently escalating situation in Afghanistan. Further, you probably tried to find insightful news sources to better grasp the situation and make sense of the conflict. Unfortunately, the available sources describe the fighting and maybe, if lucky, the history of the conflict dating back to … Continue reading The Afghanistan Situation

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