A Madman’s Dream

On 24 February 2022, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has declared war on Ukraine. After weeks of intense arms build-up at the Russo-Ukrainian borderlands, several threats and diplomatic pressures, the Eurasian nation has launched a large-scale operation in Ukraine. Although there has been an imminent diplomatic escalation between the two parties, the … Continue reading A Madman’s Dream

Sex and Civilisations

The world has seen many civilisations rise and even more civilisations vanish. From ruling vast territories, advancing scientifically and adding to what we call art and culture, they went on to become merely footnotes of history. Though we might not always appreciate it, their legacies remain, to this day, the building blocks of present and … Continue reading Sex and Civilisations

The Afghanistan Situation

As an Essydo Magazine reader, you are surely aware of the currently escalating situation in Afghanistan. Further, you probably tried to find insightful news sources to better grasp the situation and make sense of the conflict. Unfortunately, the available sources describe the fighting and maybe, if lucky, the history of the conflict dating back to … Continue reading The Afghanistan Situation

Understanding the 2021 Israel-Palestine Conflict (Part II)

In the first part of this comprehensive analysis, we have analysed the Israel-Palestine conflict within the framework for building understanding around political events. If you have not read the first part of this analysis, it is strongly recommended to do so. The second part builds on the findings of part I, which provides the necessary … Continue reading Understanding the 2021 Israel-Palestine Conflict (Part II)

Understanding the 2021 Israel-Palestine Conflict (Part I)

Undoubtedly the most discussed topic of 2021, so far, is the ongoing escalation of violence between Palestinians and Israelis. In an eruption of mutual acts of violence, the already highly explosive relationship between the two sides enters another round of hostilities. Interestingly, this event’s tension is also in large part reflected across global media outlets … Continue reading Understanding the 2021 Israel-Palestine Conflict (Part I)

Fake Power

Over the last couple of months, the story around the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has become more and more dramatic. Most recently, thousands of people gathered all across Russia to protest against the jailing of Navalny. He was detained after returning from Germany, where he was hospitalised, due to a nerve agent poisoning. Although … Continue reading Fake Power

Undankbar zur EU

Das europäische Projekt, wie die Europäische Union (EU) auch genannt wird, läuft nun seit mehreren Jahrzehnten. Angefangen hat alles als 6-Länder-Pakt, um die deutsche Kohle- und Stahlindustrie in der Nachkriegszeit zu kontrollieren. Diese Industriezweige sind nämlich die Standbeine der Rüstungsindustrie eines Landes. Nach zwei Weltkriegen, war die Angst um den Frieden zu groß und man … Continue reading Undankbar zur EU


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