Our world is extremely complex and fascinating. So are we as human beings and our societies that developed over hundreds and thousands of years. The idea behind Essydo Magazine is simple: encourage reflection on political events and societal trends beyond two-dimensional inferences. Our articles transcend the four classical directions of the political compass, which is also what the logo stands for. Rather, the aim is to treat every topic as an individual case within an interconnected whole, making analysis complex. Therefore, the political compass is simply insufficient.

The articles are categorised into political and societal topics – though they might overlap sometimes. Political topics range from national legislative developments (note: our scope is not limited to one country) to international conflicts. At the time dimension, most of the work focuses on contemporary developments, but every now and then historic or overarching events will also be covered. On the societal side, broader topics like climate change, racism, demographic change and economic behaviour, among many other topics, are subject to our analyses and commentaries. Certainly, the line between politics and society is blurred and, therefore, the categorisations mainly serve the purpose of promoting reader-friendliness. As such, Essydo’s view is that politics, society and economy form an intertwined, interrelated and inseparable whole.

Moreover, the articles are further categorised as either Commentaries or Analyses. While the former is less analytical and rather introduces new perspectives to the discussion through reflection and exploration, the latter is more analytical in that the articles aim to provide a technical account of an event or development. Both forms add value to the discussions in their own way. Sometimes a topic requires new ideas to open new ways of thinking about it. Similarly, many contemporary developments are analysed with a strong hidden agenda, which, naturally, produces one-sided assessments.

Essydo aims to contribute to the public discussion of various topics with its work. External submissions are also very welcome. If you like Essydo Magazine’s articles and want to submit an article yourself, please check the ‘Contact’ page. Here, you will find all the necessary information to submit your work. Your script is then going through our review process.

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The face behind Essydo –

Emre Şentürk (M.Sc.)

My interest in political questions dates back to my childhood days when I saw the lengthy news coverages of the second Gulf War. I was puzzled by this event and I wanted to make sense of all this. From that point on, politics became an integral part of my life and led me to study International Relations and Public Administration at two leading European universities.

Today, I work as a manager in a capital markets analysis company. My passion for politics has not faded a bit, which is why I founded this magazine. In late 2022, I published my first political book, Devlet. Here, I establish a wholly new state theory.

A characteristic that I have developed very early, and luckily preserved to this day, is that I do not shy away from asking controversial questions and try to depoliticise (I truly love this word) them, in order to enable technical discussions. This is also the reason why I founded Essydo Magazine: a space for endless questions and limitless answers.

The name Essydo, as you might have noticed, is derived from Homer’s Odyssey. I chose this nickname for myself many years ago. It represents the opposite of the tragic hero of Odysseus, who had to overcome sheer endless obstacles and wanderings to reach his destination. I believe the name is suitable for this magazine because its content is very goal-oriented and down to the point.

I really hope you enjoy the articles and have fun engaging with the topics!

“Nature lays an obligation upon each man

to labour after his own perfection.”

— Emer de Vattel