The Atatürk Paradox

In the political sphere, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is considered to be one of the most talented, sophisticated and most respected politicians in the history of statesmanship. His peers are other greats at the pinnacle of politics, such as Winston Churchill, Otto von Bismarck, Genghis Khan, Julius Cesar, Marcus Aurelius and Mansa Musa, only to name … Continue reading The Atatürk Paradox

How much You is in You?

In societies, in which people are increasingly distancing themselves from the lower tiers of the needs according to Maslow, we can observe that people increasingly move questions about their personality and themselves as beings into the focus of their cognitive world. Surely, material wants are still dominant factors, but thoughts about identity and self-perception become … Continue reading How much You is in You?

What Drove Him?

Introduction On 22nd July 2011, Europe was put on hold after experiencing one of its most deadly acts of terrorism in history. This act was committed by Anders Behring Breivik, who first detonated a car bomb in the Government District in Oslo, Norway, before killing 69 members of the youth wing of the Labour Party … Continue reading What Drove Him?

Undankbar zur EU

Das europäische Projekt, wie die Europäische Union (EU) auch genannt wird, läuft nun seit mehreren Jahrzehnten. Angefangen hat alles als 6-Länder-Pakt, um die deutsche Kohle- und Stahlindustrie in der Nachkriegszeit zu kontrollieren. Diese Industriezweige sind nämlich die Standbeine der Rüstungsindustrie eines Landes. Nach zwei Weltkriegen, war die Angst um den Frieden zu groß und man … Continue reading Undankbar zur EU

Corona v Panama

Who would have thought, 50 years ago, that there would no longer be a Cold War, that technology would advance so fast and that we would be living in such an interconnected world that added so much to the empowerment of the people? Probably, only a few could have imagined the extent of change that … Continue reading Corona v Panama

To Die a False Martyr

Introduction In October 2020, France was put on hold after a French history teacher, was beheaded near a school in Paris. A mere two weeks prior, two journalists were stabbed outside the former Charlie Hebdo offices, a media outlet known for their satirical cartoons. These offices were the stage for an earlier attack in 2015, … Continue reading To Die a False Martyr


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