Sex and Civilisations

The world has seen many civilisations rise and even more civilisations vanish. From ruling vast territories, advancing scientifically and adding to what we call art and culture, they went on to become merely footnotes of history. Though we might not always appreciate it, their legacies remain, to this day, the building blocks of present and … Continue reading Sex and Civilisations

The Demise of Social Identities in the Age of Corporatocracies and New Media

To what extent are our personalities and lifestyles original and authentic in the age of corporatocracy, in which the new media ecosystem constitutes the very back-bone of it? The term ‘new media’ initially emerged to capture a sense that quite rapidly from the late 1980s on the media and world of communications began to look … Continue reading The Demise of Social Identities in the Age of Corporatocracies and New Media

The Atatürk Paradox

In the political sphere, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is considered to be one of the most talented, sophisticated and most respected politicians in the history of statesmanship. His peers are other greats at the pinnacle of politics, such as Winston Churchill, Otto von Bismarck, Genghis Khan, Julius Cesar, Marcus Aurelius and Mansa Musa, only to name … Continue reading The Atatürk Paradox

How much You is in You?

In societies, in which people are increasingly distancing themselves from the lower tiers of the needs according to Maslow, we can observe that people increasingly move questions about their personality and themselves as beings into the focus of their cognitive world. Surely, material wants are still dominant factors, but thoughts about identity and self-perception become … Continue reading How much You is in You?

What Drove Him?

Introduction On 22nd July 2011, Europe was put on hold after experiencing one of its most deadly acts of terrorism in history. This act was committed by Anders Behring Breivik, who first detonated a car bomb in the Government District in Oslo, Norway, before killing 69 members of the youth wing of the Labour Party … Continue reading What Drove Him?


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