Episode #5 – Earth Day Essydo Podcast

It was Earth Day on April 22; a day that helps us to reflect on our relationship with our planet. I did that and came to several conclusions. In this episode, I look at climate change and environmental destruction from a political point of view and give a technical account of why we are making so little progress, if any, on matters related to environmental protection. This topic concerns us all and we need to engage more in-depth the effects of our behaviour on nature. 
  1. Episode #5 – Earth Day
  2. Special Episode #2 (German) – Deutsche Politik in der Corona-Krise
  3. Episode #4 – Islamophobia in France
  4. Episode #3 – The Uygur Genocide (+ Policy Proposal)
  5. Episode #2 – Politicians and their Systems

No Mainstream.

No Small Talk.

Just Politics.

In the age of excessive information, it is not only easy to get lost, but most media actors follow a specific agenda. Their motives are either economic, political or ideological. Essydo Podcast is different. Here, the only thing that counts is to foster productive discussions of important topics. The topics are tackled from a technical perspective, in order to also produce tangible plans for problems. Everyone has an opinion, but only a few have a plan. Essydo Podcast goes beyond the typical discussions and exchanges of opinions by deep-diving into concepts to build a comprehensive understanding. So, no small talk here.

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