#17 The Political Cube – Enhanced Political Thinking Essydo Podcast

Left and right are not enough! In this video, I present a new form of political categorisation.💡Read more about the Political Cube here: https://rb.gy/gjhzenRead about the Atatürk Paradox: https://rb.gy/iczlt5If you want more people to engage with meaningful content, visit essydo.com, hit the like button, subscribe and share this video! ✅✅✅To get your copy of DEVLET now, visit:✅ Amazon: https://rb.gy/yd8fe8 ✅ Tredition: http://rb.gy/jiwfo0✅ AbeBooks: http://rb.gy/rni1yn
  1. #17 The Political Cube – Enhanced Political Thinking
  2. #16 The Perfect Politician
  3. #15 How to become rich!
  4. #14 Capitalism vs. Communism vs. Devletism
  5. #13 Rethinking Feminism

If you want to listen to boring summaries and the same old mainstream arguments in societal and political discussions, then do not listen to this podcast. But if you genuinely want to develop your understanding of politics and society, then welcome to Essydo Podcast!

My name is Emre Şentürk, founder of Essydo Magazine and author of the political book DEVLET. I aim to explore the roots of the most demanding problems of our time and provide solutions to them in this podcast. Essydo Podcast goes beyond merely paraphrasing events or looking at them from the outdated perspectives of “left” and “right”. Our world consists of more than just two sides – let me show them to you!

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The Political Cube – Enhanced Political Thinking

Undoubtedly, symbolism is one of the biggest weaknesses of human beings. The need to label complex thoughts is a natural drive to enhance the efficiency of thinking by compressing related meanings into one word. While conceptualisation is rather useful, symbolism is a form of simplification that, over time, reduces our capacity to process more complex…

Politics Through Language

Among the very few beautiful sides of us humans, language may be the shiniest one. Words, regardless of spoken or written, are of so immeasurable importance to us as conscious creatures that they are our most important reproductive tool – without them, we would just grow in numbers. Language is colourful. It can warm our…

(Mis-)Understanding Iran

Recently, the Islamic Republic of Iran has experienced an intense period of unrest and uprising. This wave of unrest has amounted to nationwide protests that were further fuelled by the violent opposition of the government. Initially, starting in mid-2021, the protests were directed at the worsening economic situation that included water shortages and inflationary pressures…

Toxic Politics: Left vs. Right

Two hundred years ago, nobody would have had a clue what could hide behind the title of this article. Today, everybody has a very specific idea about what is meant by it. What is common terminology today, is actually a very recent development. Without going into much detail about how we came to view the…


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