“Devlet is not a whiny critique of past and contemporary systems but a constructiveand innovative approach to rethink politics and society.”

  • Devlet: A New World of Politics

    Devlet: A New World of Politics

    Over the past year, I have only published 4 articles in Essydo Magazine. Before, I published articles more frequently. Neither did my passion for political and societal questioned faded nor did I lack the ambition to provide you with technical insights into the world of politics. In fact, the contrary was the case. Over the…

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  • Explained: Turkish Elections 2023

    Explained: Turkish Elections 2023

    In one week, Turkish citizens around the world will once again cast their votes in the presidential run-off round, after the first round did not conclusively bring a decision as to whom is going to rule the Central Asian nation over the next five years. In this article, the elections will be looked at in…

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  • Bitcoin & Crypto: The Biggest Scam in History

    Bitcoin & Crypto: The Biggest Scam in History

    Cryptocurrencies are hailed as one of the most significant financial innovations in modern history – some even say ever. Digital currencies are gaining popularity by the day. Proponents of this financial innovation bring up several reasons why cryptocurrencies, and especially Bitcoin as the one with the largest market volume, are going to be more important…

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